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Bedbugs – How to get rid of Bedbugs

How about some space age technology to help fight the bedbugs. Pest Purge can use all the help it can get as the bedbugs are out in force! Bedbugs are the pestilance of modern man, they are crafty and have learnt to adapt to modern living, sucking our blood while we sleep and avoiding easy detection by being busy in the depths of night and due to their miniscule size.

Bedbugs believe it or not feature as part of the spin-off from the Rosetta space mission where we landed on a comet, part of the array of experiments and equipment on board included a gas chromagraph to separate out organic compounds on the surface of the comet, and a mass spectrometer to compare them with those found on Earth (called Ptolemy). A small portable bedbug detector that sniffs out the chemical signals they send to one another. Named APOLLO, the new bedbug detector being developed by a collaborative team is no bigger than a shoebox. A case of sniffing, separating and detecting. Bedbugs release pheromones to attract mates and to act as a warning to other bedbugs, APOLLO will hopefully be the latest innovation to track them down.

This bedbug monitor is being trialed in hotels in Manchester. For down-to-earth support in Kent to fight your bedbugs, call Pest Purge and get rid of them permanently.

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