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Wasps Hornets Bees Pest Control Maidstone
Wasps, hornets & bees

All three are seasonal insects, more common in the warm spring and summer months.  Wasps, hornets and bees will emerge in the spring to start… Read more

Rat Pest Control Maidstone Kent

These are some of the most common pests that Pest Purge is equipped to deal with. The main problems associated with them both at home… Read more

Mole Pest Control Maidstone Kent

These small solitary creatures are a common garden and agricultural pest, popping up their mole hills as they tunnel around underground searching for food. Pest… Read more

Squirrel Pest Control

An agile pest that is often found invading loft spaces. A great climber, you may have seen them on your garden fence or on the… Read more


These rural and urban pests are common throughout the country. Everywhere you go you will encounter foxes somewhere nearby. Pest Purge has contracts with farmers… Read more


Pest purge are highly experienced in dealing with these rural pests, we can use a variety of traditional techniques, including, snaring, cage trapping, spring trapping,… Read more

Beetles & Cockroaches

Beetles and cockroaches have been with us a long time, Spider Beetles and Dermestid beetles have been found by archaeologists to have been around in… Read more

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

This is an adaptable and evolving insect, one that has been around for thousands of years since mankind started colonising the earth and living in… Read more


There are many species of Ant living near to us. Mostly their nests will be in the garden. But as they forage around looking for… Read more