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Crazy ants use acid as venom antidote

Just when you thought it was safe to sit on the grass along come some crazy ants! The xenomorphs that were so successful in Alien have nothing on tawny crazy ants. These ants are mad, they even attack fire ants (though fire ant venom can kill small animals).

Tawny crazy ants have a nifty way to detox; an acid bath. When the fire ants attack them with their venom, they run off and like a cat cleaning its fur, wash themselves with their own acid venom.

Scientists found that a dab of this acid saved Argentine ants, which normally succumb to the fire ant venom. The acid may neutralise the potent enzymes in the venom. Fire ants are a major pest in the USA but tawny crazy ants are no better, often invading houses.

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