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Kent pest controllers foiled by bats….wasps remain at home!

We were called out to inspect the loft space of a large traditional square oast-house near Maidstone. We were excited to find that whist we were looking for the wasp nests in the cavernous attic, Common Pipistrelle were hanging upside down from the rafters under the roof. We were careful not to disturb them. There were four of them in a row. Bats will often live in old occupied buildings, getting in through some broken mortar or through a gap in the gable end. Bats living with us are quite common, with the decline of their traditional nesting sites in large hollowed out trees they will often move into buildings. In the autumn they are eating lots of insects to build up fat reserves to prepare for their winter hibernation (Oct to March) as well as starting to mate. Bats are protected and we must make every effort not to disturb them. We are definitely not allowed to treat the wasp nests with insecticide which would endanger the bats as they prepare to hibernate in their cosy hideaway. We creep out of the loft and leave them in peace. The wasps oblivious to their lucky escape!

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