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Mole Pest Control Maidstone Kent


These small solitary creatures are a common garden and agricultural pest, popping up their mole hills as they tunnel around underground searching for food. Pest Purge is experienced at capturing moles, we trap them underground.     The art of mole trapping is to know where and how to set the traps in order to catch the moles quickly before too much damage is done to lawns and fields.     Traditional techniques are used which prove highly effective. The quicker you call Pest Purge to start trapping the less damage will be done; we have worked at allotments, bowling greens and equestrian centres, for farmers and homeowners keen to get rid of them.     Significant mole activity will undermine the soil and the tunnels may give way underfoot, posing a risk to animals like horses and cattle and the possibility you may incur costly vet bills.