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Wasp & Hornet Season Hotting Up

Wasp and Hornet season hotting up
Once again we are starting to see wasps and hornets flying around, going about their business, nest making, pollinating and catching other insects. All fine until they want to join in with our BBQ’s, the smell of sweet relish, cooked sausages and jugs of Pims are all fair game for our yellow and black jacketed friends. To minimise any party disruption, keep an eye out for insects that keep coming and going from any potential nest sites. Likely spots are log piles, garden sheds, holes in the ground, up high under the guttering, in facias and soffits under tiles and inside your loft space.
Reactions to stings vary…the earliest recorded death from a fatal wasp sting was King Menes of Egypt in about 3000 BC. I got stung by a hornet a few years ago and it was painful! Death from wasp stings is rapid, 66% of susceptible victims die within one hour of being stung. There are 11 species found in the UK. A nest found at the end of the summer may have over 20,000 wasps living in it. They become problematic as peak worker numbers are reached at this time of the year and the wasps, drunk on fermenting fallen fruit, will be more aggressive and more of a nuisance.
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