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Winter Wasps Waking Buzz Buzz Buzz

Last weekend saw some very warm weather for this time of year, Feb 25th 2012, my client had been watching some wasps coming and going about their business under the tiles of his conservatory roof. Last year they had been a proper nuisance, in exactly the same place, invading his conservatory and messing with his kids and spoiling their fun. Time to call in the “wasp man”. I know that they are around. I have seen them myself. Wasps and bumble bees floating around the garden searching for comfortable new nesting sites. My client was not going to be caught out, he wanted action and he wanted it early.
I couldnt see any wasp action when I arrived but he showed me where they had been seen going into the roof space under some tiles. A quick preventative spray ensured that any early activity was stopped in its tracks before it could get established. Hopefully this early spraying will keep the wasps at bay. Buzz Buzz Buzz Colourful yellow wasps. Wasps buzz off. Wasps in Northfleet stay away. Dont let wasps spoil your fun, call the “wasp man” now! Buzz Buzz Buzz

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